Artist, Linda Montefusco, owner of "A Stroke of Color Art Studio", provides artisitc instruction to people of all ages

Lynda has been teaching for 38 years and has been doing so in her own studio for the past 17 years. Her artistic expertise encompasses a number of art mediums, including oils, acrylics, colored pencils, pen and ink, and pastels.


Lynda has a teaching degree in "Fine Arts" from the University of Hartford and is a "Certified Instructor" in Floral and Still Life through professional artist and art instructor Robert Warren of Ohio.


What students are saying

"Lynda has been an amazing teacher and I've learned so much from her seminars. I love how she brings in outside teachers to the studio for seminars to teach. While at the studio, I like the fact that everyone is working on their own projects. It's inspiring to see what other people are doing." 

- Corrine DeNucci, student of 6 years


"[Lynda] has brought my creativity out of the box and provides a great background on what the fine arts are. I always look foreword coming to class. It's also impressive how she works with all ages, from 6 year olds to college level." 

- Jane Blake, student of 8 years


"I've been studying with [Lynda] for a while and I really feelthat she is the best teacher I've ever been with. She brings out the best in each student and encourages us to use our own imagination. She really is a wonderful teacher and good with all ages." 

- Claudia, student of 3 years